Movierulz 2021: Watch Movies Online Free

What is Movierulz?

Movierulz is a notorious torrent website and illegally leaked Indian films movies online. The website has thousands of movies in HD online, which are hosted unlawfully on the website. The website was initially opened by Muhammed Daud, who had graduated from the Indian Film and Television Academy (IFTFA) with a degree in acting in 2011. Later, the IFTFA members demanded that the movie be banned for illegal copyright, and later, he dropped his title and came out with this website. Daud is the founder of the Movies For Pirates website, which was released in 2009 to upload pirated movies online.

Movierulz 2021: Watch Movies Online Free

MovieRulz torrent website

MovieRulz is a free and public torrent website that links the pirated movie in HD and other languages. Once the link is shared with the visitors of MovieRulz, they are required to download torrent software to enjoy their favorite movies in HD, Blu-Ray, DVD, or online. Free downloads are allowed to visitors to the movieRulz website. The website also allows users to anonymously upload HD and other pirated movie links, which other website visitors then share. The website doesn't link any specific movie or torrent to its torrents. That would help the website be shut down as torrent software would detect movie titles, and it would be easy to trace movie links via BitTorrent tracking software.

Downloading Movies from Pirated Websites

After purchasing a movie on physical media, movies are downloaded from pirated websites by clicking an online downloader or torrent or blu ray. You can download movies or downloaders for free from movie and TV movie torrents websites, and on torrent websites, you can get everything such as screener movies and links to pirated video download sites. Movies can be downloaded from websites in .avi, .mpeg and .mov formats. Movies can be downloaded with the help of software such as VirtualDub, FFmpeg, or Handbrake, and VLC, Kodi, or other apps.

An Alternative To Pirated Movies Downloading Downloading movies from pirated websites can be very frustrating and time-consuming.

Is illegal downloading of movies worth it?

As an audience, the question that comes to mind is whether illegally downloading a movie can make money? First thing first, let us understand the legitimacy of pirating a movie. According to the United States' current copyright law, people and organizations involved in selling, renting, or purchasing legally licensed films and television programs are permitted to make copies for personal use for up to three personal use only. Any illegal reproduction of a movie by more than three people is considered a felony. Each additional copy of a film sold, rented, or used must be purchased individually with a license to use it commercially.

How to download movies from Movierulz?

1. Go to the Movierulz website and search for the movie you wish to download 2. Click on Download 3. Enter your unique ID and password to download the movie file. 4. Once you download the file, you can play it or put the file on your device for future watching 5. You can also download multiple file-formats for a movie.


The movies released this month have already created a buzz among the audience, and the torrents are out in online stores. This is an excellent opportunity to watch the films that are yet to release in the theatres. When we talk about the movies we can watch on torrent sites, it's more popular than movies on online stores. This is because most the pirated movies are not released in the theatre due to the expenses involved in movie productions. However, you can find pirated movies online at best movie sites as well as torrent websites.

Even though it is not an illegal means to watch movies, it is good to practice due diligence to protect you from getting charged if you illegally download a movie.

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